CBSE 10th Biology Heredity Lesson Plans, Period Plans PDF

CBSE 10th Biology Heredity Lesson Plans, Period Plans PDF.
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CBSE 10th Biology Heredity Lesson Plans, Period Plans PDF

CBSE 10th Biology Heredity Lesson Plans, Period Plans PDF

Curricular Goals and Competencies

  • Curricular Goal – 3: Explores the structure and function of the living world at the cellular level.
  • Competency - 3.3 : Describes mechanisms of heredity (in terms of DNA, genes, chromosomes) and variation (as change in the sequence of DNA, Mendel performed hybridization experiments to bring out new varieties of plants).
  • Curricular Goal – 4: Explore interconnectedness between organisms and their environment through reproduction.
  • Competency - 4.4 : Analyses patterns of inheritance of traits in terms of Mendel’s laws and its consequences at population level. (Using models and/ or simulations).
  • Competency - 4.5 : Analyses evidences of biological evolution demonstrating the consequences of the process of natural selection in terms of changes- in allele frequency in population, structure, and function of organisms.
  • Curricular Goal – 5: Draws linkages between scientific knowledge and knowledge across other curricular areas.
  • Competency - 5.1 : Explores how literature and the arts have influenced science.
  • Competency -5.3 : Applies scientific principles to explain phenomena in other subjects like mathematical and statistical knowledge to understand the ratios of monohybrid and di hybrid cross and the probability of finding the recombinant traits in next generation.
  • Curricular Goal - 7: Develops awareness of the most current discoveries, ideas and frontiers in all areas of scientific knowledge in order to appreciate that science is ever evolving, and that there are still many unanswered questions.
  • Competency – 7.1: States concepts that represent the most current understanding of the matter being Studied- using the knowledge obtained from stem cell research to solve many genetic related health complications.
  • Curricular Goal - 8: Explores the nature of science by doing science.
  • Competency - 8.2 : Designs and implements a plan for scientific inquiry (formulates hypotheses, makes predictions, identified variables, accurately uses scientific instruments, represents data- primary and secondary- in multiple modes, draws inferences based on data and understanding of scientific concepts theories, laws, and principles of monohybrid and di hybrid cross, law of dominance, law of segregation, law of independent assortment, homologous and analogous organs etc.

CBSE 10th Biology Heredity Lesson Plan Periods -Sections

Period No. Topic Learning outcomes
1 Introduction and 8.1 Accumulation of variation during reproduction. 1)  Applies knowledge in understanding the scientific principles of heredity.
2)  Explains  how variations  contribute to the formation of new species.
3)  Differentiates sexual  and   asexual reproduction.
4) Relates variations to the process of evolution.
2 8.2. Heredity, Inherited traits, Activity 8.1and about Gregor Mendel. 1)    Differentiates    between    heredity    and inheritance.
2) Plans and conducts investigation on ear lobe activity and draw conclusions .
3)Takes initiative to know about Mendel discoveries
3 Rules for the inheritance of traits- Mendel’s contributions. 1) Analyses the monohybridcross and its results.
2) Relates Monohybrid cross to the law of dominance
4 Rules for the inheritance of traits Mendel’s contributions, Activity 8.2 and Di hybrid cross. 1)  Applies  the  knowledge  of dihybrid  cross and its results in plant breeding technique or hybridization
5 How do these traits get expressed? 1) Differentiates between Mitosis and Meiosis.
2) Explains the mode of inheritance in sexual reproducing  organisms  and  asexual reproducing organisms.
6 Sex determination in human beings. 1) Relates chromosomes to the process of   sex determination in different organisms.
2) Analyses the role of sex chromosomes and its misconceptions in human beings .


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